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    October 30, 2012
    6:00 - 7:00am PDT  

good morning more on sandy in just a moment. thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. i saw fog, low clouds and had to drive through dense fog. >> definitely dense fog out there. live doppler shows that it is dry other than that fog and mist hanging in the air this morning. fog advisories until 9:00 for the north bay valleys, along the coast, it looks like that's where going to stay into san francisco, the fog is not listening the fog has moved to the east bay shore, quarter mile at hayward, half mile oakland now it has moved into parts of the east bay valleys, concord 3/4 of a mile,
quarter mile north bay valleys where thickest and most widespread now going to stay that way until at least 9:00 then a slow reveal of sunshine like we had yesterday, with the hraoet area -- least likely area to get sun at the coast. -- most of our sunshine in the east bay valleys, mid to upper 70s for you. now traffic. san rafael here the fog fairly thick south 101 past civic center, tail lights disappearing in the fog as you head southbound. the it does get patchy and dense the visibility limit in certain areas, take care. here's the bay bridge toll no metering lights yet slight delay for cash paying folks headed into san francisco a little sluggish upper deck incline section westbound. accident south 880 oakland
before 66 blocking right lane. basco road motorcycle down at camino diablo second accident on basco road reported at walnut, 580 westbound slowing as well. we continue our breaking news coverage of sandy. overnight the president declared major disaster in new york and long island. live look at new york city now you see that crane that is still dangling the storm made landfall with 95 mile an hour winds and you see it there blew part of that crane over it is dangling above the street and police have blocked off the area below. now more than 12 hours later strong rain, wind, even snow continuing to pound the eastern seaboard death toll has climbed to 18, including 8-year-old boy killed when a tree fell on his home. 7 1/2 million people in the
dark. for a second day in a row the new york stock exchange is closed this is the first time the exchange has closed for two consecutive days, due to weather since 1888. the development overnight from breezy point section in queens in new york, massive six-alarm fire destroyed between 80 and 100 homes, almost double what was first reported. 200 firefighters responded to the scene in the middle of the flooding, there are reports minor injuries. no word on the cause of this massive fire or how the flood waters impacted the response for firefighters. sandy has shutdown new york city's transit system the authority said the subway has never faced a disaster like this. take a look at this dramatic photo of flood waters rushing into a station in hoboken, new jersey through an elevator shaft. all together seven tunnels under the east river are flooded, all taking in massive
amounts of water this morning there is no timetable on when service could be restored. >> the storm has forced the evacuation of a new york city hospital. the medical center had to move patients by ambulance to other facilities last night that occurred when back-up generators failed. hundreds of patients are being moved out of the that manhattan facility. -- mike this has a little something for everybody, rain, flooding, winds, even snow. healthy amount of snow. ski resorts in the east will open early thanks to sandy. center in the south central part of pennsylvania that doesn't matter as much now that it is not a hurricane now it is just a big massive storm with thunderstorms to the north, steady rain around the center, mixing with snow all the way back to sault ste. marie, michigan, huge storm, nearly 1200 miles
across, circulation around it bigger than that, reaching down to florida, up to the hudson bay. here's what going to happen, going to hang around pennsylvania for the better part of today, start to head up to the north during the evening hours, you can see all the showers wrapping around this system. we are going to get another one to three inches of rain out of it as it slowly moves into canada tomorrow and continues heading north. even on the backside we'll still get showers through friday, saturday. here at home and across the country, sandy is impacting air travel. terry mcsweeney continues our live time coverage -- live team coverage from sfo. >> reporter: we have better news today, today most but not all of the flights in and out of sfo from those seven eastern airports, all the flights were cancelled yesterday, today not all are
cancelled, some flights are coming out and back into san francisco. they are going to check the airport back there to see how much they can handle. something i found interesting the arrival/departure board at sfo, you can see there is a flight around noon today, scheduled to go to jfk, still listed as on time. interestingly a flight half an hour after that has been cancelled. the advice from the airport manager check with your airline do it online the phone lines are swamped so go online. talked with a woman who lives in menlo park she has family in the washington, maryland, virginia area she says it is not going well. >> particularly, raining a ton our house generally floods every time it rains us all the power went out for a few hours 10 hours, my brother drove to a friend's house to get a generator. as soon as he got back 10
minutes later the power went back on but he needs the generator because it doesn't stay on in maryland and virginia. >> reporter: thousands of passengers impacted here at sfo, more than san jose airport. no cancellations out of oakland airport yesterday. the main thrust from the airport this morning is things may be getting better, there may be flights out of sfo and there are flights listed as on-time coming this way from jfk. that could all change, so check with your airline before you do anything, and do it online. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 6:07. traffic and weather together. next, live look outside the bay bridge toll you see the back-there you look carefully low clouds and fog in the background. mike will have your full forecast. sue will check traffic. bay bridge going to be
busy tomorrow there's a parade going on. san francisco getting ready for huge party the preparations ahead of tomorrow's ticker tape parade for
welcome back. check out 87 in san jose, notice the cloud cover fog not as thick definitely prevalent in your forecast tomorrow it
is gone. giants parade 10:00 mostly cloudy and 58 partly sunny by 11:00, 61 increase in sun temperatures 62 at noon last time it went three hours by 2:00, mild grab the sunglasses, 67°. vollmer camera shows highway 24 snaking through lafayette and orinda towards the caldecott tunnel. no fog, it is clear so is traffic, no issues there a little crowded starting to bunch up. southbound 880 before 66 oakland accident in the right lane, southbound basco at camino diablo that accident cleared, second accident at walnut also cleared. 6:11. >> city of san francisco is planning a parade in celebration for the giants tomorrow. >> crews have start setting up where tomorrow's parade route
ends the team arrived home from do it yesterday after sweeping the tigers sunday night, huge crowd greeted our the team who awried in a bus caravan and showed off that trophy to -- fans. tomorrow's parade will start at market up to civic center plaza. >> count -- [ unintelligible ] getting good at this parade thing we've had practice now. breaking news coverage of hurricane sandy continues. million in the dark, subways flooded. this morning disaster declaration in place in new york city and long island. >> we go live to ocean city maryland -- [ inaudible ]
live doppler 7 hd fog the big story, flight arrival delays announced into sfo nearly 70 minutes make sure you use our flight tracker at abc7news.com at the bottom. 6:14.
breaking news coverage of superstorm sandy continues. tahman bradley joins us from maryland where it was a different picture when we talked to him yesterday. >> reporter: good morning. the weather has let up just a bit we are seeing people returning to the beach front to see what is going on. sandy is the monster we all feared. it is going to take days to assess damage. this morning we know millions are waking up impacted. along the east coast this morning, signs of sandy's fury, lady liberty's torch out power outages spread, five million in the dark, 1.5 million forced evacuate, sandy made landfall along the new jersey coast bringing 80 mile per hour winds and flooding high tides rough surf battered the coastline. this morning entire sections of atlantic city are underwater people who decided to ride out the storm were
left stranded last night new jersey governor announced no rescue services until today. >> i cannot in good conscience send them in, in the dark given all the various hazards that would occur. >> reporter: new york city has hit by a 13 foot surge of seawater flooding the new ground zero memorial, subway stations and tunnels. in breezy point, queens it was fire not water that devastated the town destroying 50 homes. in manhattan, hundreds of patients at this hospital, including babies had to be evacuated after a back-up generator failed. the city closed all tunnels and bridges, subway and bus service had already been shot down. the new york stock exchange closed again today first time weather has caused out to chose for a second day since the 1800's. sandy spawned snow storms in west virginia fear of flooding as far west as chicago. in ocean city, maryland part
of the delmarva peninsula cold rain on and off and we have flooding here. >> we've both covered storms that were supposed to be storms of the century or expected to be a big thing. did sandy live up to the expectations as a history-making storm? >> reporter: yeah it looks like it did. this was a once in a generation storm. 13 foot storm surge in new york city, imagine that, flood walls that over -- where the water ran over in eight states with snow today. >> tahman bradley, thank you very much. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage on superstorm sandy, coming up we check in with katie marzullo who is money -- monitoring twitter and the latest from the east coast. >> we are going to talk about our fog. baffled, amazed by the fact that you have snow associated with a hurricane.
>> that was the morphing of the system that happened yesterday as it was hitting the shore the cold air was wrapping in snow as far south as north carolina it has been interesting, one that will go down in the record books and studied by many of my colleagues. >> blizzard conditions in west virginia today many >> exactly probably more of that over the next 24 hours in other areas as the winds is still a big issue. here we have a lack of wind and a lot of moisture in the air that means fog is out there, you can see a little bit here as we look to the southeast from our roof cam towards the glowing orange of the ferry building and you can see the bay bridge almost see the top of it, with the fog here around san francisco, let's look at live doppler, we don't have rain, no drizzle, just mist in the air this time
tomorrow we will be tracking rain with live doppler be thankful it is there -- check out the fog, moving outside the dense fog advisory area which is the north bay hill of north bay valleys excuse me san francisco and the peninsula coast you can see quarter mile visibility in hayward, concord, fairfield, 2 1/2 in san jose. there's definitely going to be a foggy start for most of us this morning. livermore clear now you are atrophyy one the rest of us in the 50s, santa rosa and half moon bay at 48°. 48 at gilroy, low 50s around the monterey bay and inland to salinas. like yesterday, late bay sunshine, sun angle this time of year not enough energy coming out of the sun to quickly scour out this cloud cover, going to take the better part of the day to get sunshine around the bay and coast. evening rain for halloween, third forecast highlight drier, warmer this weekend. more clearing in the east bay valleys, more sun today, mid
to upper 70s, low to mid 70s the rest of us. monterey 67, mid 70s rest of the bay upper 70s inland. cloud cover everywhere tonight mild temperatures in the 50s once again. high pressure dominating our weather now, keeping cold front at bay, this low going to hook-up with cold front and bring the rain into the forecast the rain is going to arrive tomorrow evening in the north bay, steadier rain during trick-or-treating hours starting to move into the heart of the bay as we end trick-or-treating 8:00, 9:00, heaviest rain midnight through the morning rush hour. for most of us outside the north bay, biggest nuisance from this rain will be the commute thursday morning. scattered showers thursday afternoon, dry and warmer friday through monday. improving conditions fog-wise for east shore
freeway commute, live look at emeryville traffic flowing nicely you can see it the fog has lifted here and there's no issues into the macarthur maze once you get to the bay bridge toll metering lights on now traffic is backed to the overcrossing and sluggish upper deck incline into san francisco looking at your waze app showing highway 242, 4, 680 in concord, you can see traffic spotters reporting fog in the area. moderate traffic around gregory lane and monument boulevard southbound 680 your exclusive traffic app available free on the app store and google play right now we want to give you a live picture from near washington, d.c., some of the pictures we have associated with hurricane sandy that has caused massive flooding throughout the east coast this is one area, the potomac river flooding so severe, residents and businesses have been warned this could last well into thursday, 160,000 people
around the capital without power, ocean city pier washed away boardwalk water, swollen river and flooded out areas, devastating situation certainly for many communities an. >> maryland looked like some sort of drain was being overflowed and water shooting out you can see flooded areas. >> in contrast at home we are celebrating looking forward to tomorrow and the giants' parade. --. [ inaudible ] ♪
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welcome back. here the latest on stan did churning at 65 miles per hour, -- temperatures if you are traveling we are going to be 56 in seattle, 62 portland, 90 phoenix. all major airports in new york still closed now we have flight arrival delays into sfo around 70 minutes. use our flight tracker, abc7news.com. 6:25. san francisco police chief says officers are still searching for the vandal or vandals who torched a muni bus
following the giant's world series win sunday night on market. mayor lee says the bus was worth $700,000. mayor lee is calling the vandals knuckleheads, that's a quote. police arrested 36 people sunday. >> woo homeland security agents may be hitting the streets tomorrow during the parade with an eye out for counterfeit merchandise. agents showed off 1200 items seized during the first two world series games sold near at&t park. the merchandise is missing the authentic tag. one way to tell it is fake. >> logos have double print going you look closely at this shirt, you can see where the reds have gotten and blocked the ink from being printed, it is a low quality shirt. >> agents say the merchandise would have been worth about $25,000 had it been authentic. they say the fake gear may be coming from southern california gangs. 6:26. whether interest apple or
google, apps are popular with teens. >> michael finney looks at privacy concerns that come with these new apps. first, breaking news coverage of superstorm sandy continues many update on power outages, evacuations, shi
we begin with with the latest on sandy. >> we have live team coverage this morning. katie marzullo is monitoring the storm from the newsroom. let's begin with meteorologist mike nicco. here's a look at what is going on. you can see that live doppler 7 hd we are looking at hagerstown, maryland. see the low above it, that is where the center of sandy is right now. it is churning with 65 mile per hour winds, you can see wrapped in the colder air that's why snow in the higher elevation there is this is going to continue to drift northwest right now at about 18 miles per hour. a scope of how big this system is, 1200 miles across from up in nova scotia to near atlanta this morning. in terms of size, it is a superstorm. here's the circulation goes up to hudson bay, down to miami.
it is going to continue to playing this area for another 48 to 72 hours. here's it is, 7:00 this morning, watch as it starts to move to the back and circulation counterclockwise continues to pull in moisture from the ocean, best chance of storms over the northeast today overnight into wednesday morning starts to make a right across buffalo and then move into canada towards tomorrow night. once you get on the back side of that circulation still looking at rain thursday into friday, probably another two to four inches of rain still a lot of snow in the higher elevations we are not through with it yet, the worst of it is over at least along the coast. millions are still in the dark this morning following sandy's landfall and all morning long the death toll has been rising. katie marzullo continues our live coverage. >> reporter: death toll stands at 17 the number continues to
change. those deaths span seven states. live aerials right now president obama has declared a disaster area for new york and new jersey this is howard county, maryland. sandy unleashed heavy rains and high winds this morning the county dealing with major flooding and dozens of collapsed roofs, you see all that water there. there is also new information within the last hour on the fire burning in queens. between 80 and 100 homes destroyed those numbers up from 50, almost 200 firefighters putting out pockets of fire there the director of tehema gave a briefing this morning telling people who -- who did not evacuate to stay put. >> this is not over we still have more weather to deal with, hopefully, people will be able to stay safe until we can get to the other side of this storm. >> reporter: this is hack ken sack, new jersey teams have -- this is hackensack, new jersey teams have been using boats to
rescue people, rescued 30 in that area so far, we've been following the situation in moonachie, new jersey where hundreds are being evacuated after surge overflowed a berm in that town. for people who are staying in their homes, they are likely waking up in the dark, 7 1/2 million people without power across the east now. katie marzullo, abc7 news. things are looking better this morning at sfo after sandy forced the cancellation of thousands of flights nationwide. yesterday, all 150 flights from sfo to major airports back east were cancelled. this morning most flights are still cancelled, terry mcsweeney at the airport reporting back that some flights could get out today. be sure to check online with your airline for the latest information if you are flying. for the latest flight information you can go to our flight tracker abc7news.com come. stay with -- --
right now 6:33. time to check in with sue hall for traffic. it is improving, golden gate bridge not fog-free but not on the deck like it was. it beginning to lift around the bay area, clear here, 80 westbound towards the macarthur maze stall at ashby avenue slow from gilman stall in this area you can see it does stay slow into the macarthur maze. other problems, n judah delay mechanical problems outbound trains switching back at 19th avenue shuttles in place no other mass transit delays this morning. new stall south 101 attica stainia towards petaluma -- -- 101 at castania, towards
petaluma blocking traffic. tomorrow giants party, amy hollyfield is live at the civic center plaza that's where the parade will end like in 2010? >> reporter: right, the party will start here, i imagine. here is the stage where the champs will greet fans and you give them a microphone and a large crowd, who knows what is going to happen this is in civic center plaza ken across from the -- at larken across from the library. the team arrived home yesterday from detroit it was about 5:00, adoring fans were already there at at&t park to them, they couldn't wait until tomorrow's parade mvp sandoval showed off the trophy that was fun for everyone to see. some of the players say the world series victory is still sinking in. [ inaudible ] >> you overcome soap adversity,
great feeling. >> [ inaudible ] -- >> reporter: here's the route if you are hoping to see them the team will start at the base of market at justin herman plaza then make their way up market over to vick center plaza that parade starting at 11. city officials say there could be more than a million people to catch a glimpse of the team so get here early and they say take public transportation not only take public transportation think further area head, they are suggesting you buy a ticket before you get to the bart train because they think the tickets at the machines are going to be long. you can watch the parade live wednesday 11 a.m. right here on abc 7 also live on abc7news.com and our ipad app.
you heard amy say mass transit agencies offering extra service to get to and from the parade bart rush hour all day longer trains and more of them. caltrain and muni will run extra trains, the parade will force muni to reroute many downtown bus lines, golden gate ferry additional service to san francisco's ferry building for giants' fans. all these details are posted on abc7news.com. traffic and weather together, next. here's a live look outside. this is i-80 through berkeley-emeryville area, traffic giving -- traffic getting heavy. [ unintelligible ] one week until a bay area city decides whether to place
a new tax on so the meeting to make sure both sides are heard.
here's downtown san francisco, ferry building still glowing in orange easy to see as the fog is starting to move around. tomorrow parade starts around 10 when people start to gather partly sunny 11:0061. 62 noon mild and brighter sunshine 67 by then. right now you can see it is clear here as far as the radar dry also still have dense fog advisory until 9:00 specifically for north bay valleys, san francisco and peninsula, the east bay shore and east bay valleys are starting to see some of that fog leak in many rain in the north bay tomorrow for trick-or-treating rain will hang around through thursday's morning commute sunshine and drier weather friday.
ly shot of the bay bridge toll, metering lights on backed towards the overcrossing, sluggish traffic upper deck headed into san francisco. bart running on time now. muni experiencing delays on the n judah line, mechanical problems outbound train switching back at 19th, shuttles in place, no other problems. mass transit for parade tomorrow, please take mass transit with a million people expected all forms of mass transit will be busy. south 101 stall at castania blocking left lane, accident southbound 880 before 66 in the clearing stages. back east now this is howard county, maryland which has been the brunt -- flooding not far from here and here you can see a tree blown down across a road this is played
out in different cities and counties all over the east coast after sandy battered them. more on the continually changing death toll and damage caused, coming up in reports in a few minutes. community membership in the city of richmond held a meeting half night to talk about soda tax measure voters will decide next tuesday. public policy health adequate was brought in to strengthen support for measure n. she says sugary drinks are causing higher diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity in african-americans and points out a can of soda contains 10 see spoons of sugar. the coalition against the -- tax funded by several soft drink companies teenagers and smartphones. michael finney thinks a -- takes a closer look at apps conn
good morning. 6:44. sandy still churning, wind 65 miles per hour center around hagerstown, maryland look at the scope of that system, huge thousands of miles wide going to back-up our system a little today dry you can see with rain possible in eureka by the afternoon, 68, 70s chico, sacramento. 80 few fresno, mild 65 in tahoe. 6:44 now. >> facebook, instagram and google plus popular apps for teenagers. other apps are gaining
popularity. >> michael finney looks at what these apps do and privacy concerns parents need to be aware of. >> reporter: good morning. it is hard to keep up with what your kids are doing and using online it seems like within kid uses an app and suddenly so are his and her friends i am within a week that trend is over. i've got -- tips on what might be on your kids' phone today. many will use an app to text rather than using their phone company's texting plans. parents never find out. >> it is harder to monitor texting on an app than it is on a phone because on a phone at the minimum you can check your bill and see who your kids are texting with. on an app there is no way to call that up. >> reporter: vp of communications for common sense media non-profit organization that provides age-based media reviews. the company reviewed one of the most popular texting apps, called kick and found some
safety concerns. >> there's group texting. you're inserting a profile and talking about yourself. then there's some app plug-ins that make us a little uncomfortable. >> reporter: there is i plug-in on kick called oink text that opens users up to ers. >> you press the button to activate oink texan up rolls a bunch of -- text and up rolls a bunch of of people within the kick environment who you may or may not know and you can start a chat. >> reporter: another app is called snap chat take a picture send it to a friend who has 10 seconds to view it before it disappears. >> snap was released the press called it the sexting app because there would be no record of photos sent. >> reporter: pictures don't necessarily disappear, they say the company warns users it is not able to guarantee
messages will be delighted -- deleted in all instances users can capture a photo before it vanishes by taking a screen shot. >> some use it to take funny photos and stu but i know some others use it for sending inappropriate or sexual photos. >> reporter: i-finance any trends high in the app store, -- i-funny trends high in the app store, it can be used as a creative tool that parents -- parents be warned. >> on the flip side open source environment so the kids are exposed to a lot of an humor they may or may not be ready for. >> reporter: most teens entertain themselves by flipping through what others have created on i-funny and forward what they like to friends. parents should know i-funny is rated for 17 or older. >> i usually save them to my pictures on my ipod and then sometimes i post them on
instagram. >> thingses that one kid may see as funny could be -- could be a cyber bullying incident where it is mocking someone's behavior, someone's appearance. >> reporter: i-funny says it requires users to follow certain guidelines when they submit photos and cap that include no sexually explicit content. the company made clear to us it didn't tolerate any content that violates rules spelled out in its user agreement. 7 on your side contacted all the other companies named in this report and they all either declined to respond or never got back us to. every app has a different privacy save and you should expect everything you do on an app will be shared not only with friends that potential -- but potentially with strangers never assume your information is private. i'm michael finney. right now we talk more about sandy more great pictures this is live from
howard county, maryland 30 minutes outside of washington, d.c.. that area very much flooded, docks in lakes, lamps water, submerged facilities. >> that looks like a water treatment plant next to a waterway there and you can see it is flooded and the tanks there flooded just a mess mike. on a scale of 0 to 5 on the rivers with 5 being the worst flooding most of the rivers around baltimore at 4 or 5. some of the worst flooding they've seen. they had -- they are record rains yesterday probably half that much today with inland flooding it is always a day or two later as the water moves from the bigger reservoirs to the smaller areas where we'll see more flooding over the next couple of days as the rain will continue and all that water will continue pooling in those areas.
let's talk about what is going on here at home. fog 87 headlights coming at you towards hp pavillion thick fog san jose, flight arrival delays into sfo, san jose and oakland on time. flight tracker abc7news.com will tell you all the planes delayed. live doppler not showing rain now, tomorrow absolutely, just north of us, good thing that live doppler is up on mount st. helena this is one of those storms coming west-northwest that we'll see first. fog everywhere even east bay valleys, east bay shore, thickest north bay valleys 40s and 50s now same around the monterey bay inland. late sunshine today around the bay like yesterday. rain for the evening hours tomorrow and it will be drier and warmer towards the weekend. clouds most stubborn along the
coast upper 50s to low 60s for you, upper 60s. if, south san francisco towards san mateo low to mid 70s everywhere else except east bay, antioch, fairfield and livermore will see sunshine first. 67 monterey. mid 70s rest of the bay. upper 70s morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. low to mid 50s most of us are supposed to be in the 40s this time of the year for our overnight lows clouds will keep 'em up. this low hooks up with front gives it enough energy to breakthrough that formidable area of high pressure and bring rain. scout showers ahead of the main band during the afternoon in the north bay, during the trick-or-treating hours steadier rain moves into the north bay once we get past 8:00, starts to move into the heart of the bay, heaviest rain overnight up to tomorrow's morning commute then scattered showers in the
afternoon. half inch of rain possible south bay east bay valleys 3/4 inch of rain around the bay up to an inch in the north bay by the time it ends. friday the sun breaks out, saturday, sunday, monday, temperatures warm. have a great day. hayward side of the san mateo bridge, looking west towards foster city, tail lights towards the highrise earlier stall blocking right lane just cleared you may find slow traffic residual from that. elsewhere we don't have problems with bart. muni reporting n judah delay mechanical outbound problems switching back at 19th, shuttles in place no other mass transit problems stall south 101 castania, blocking left lane, slow there. our traffic app this is basco road jammed due to earlier motorcycle accident also foggy in the area take your extra
time or you will be taking a lot of time to get southbound on bass -- basco road accident in the clearing stages get this app is free download it on your smartphone >> 6:50 three. five things to know before you go. -- >> including continuing impact sandy is having on the
live look outside the sun is about to rise gorgeous shot you see low clouds over the bay area this morning definitely fog with it as well. mike will have one more check on weather, shortly. here are five things to know before you go: number one, tracking superstorm sandy, president obama declared major disaster for new york city and long island also affecting
other states including maryland, looking at howard county, sandy marching slowly inland after leaving 17 dead in its march up the east coast, million without power or mass transit many areas flooded. >> in maryland no drinking water for residents in that con . number two, new information in the last hour on massive fire in queens amid sandy's surge. between 80 to 100 homes destroyed. firefighters had to use boats to rescue people while trying to put out the fire. >> number three, one of the most dramatic pictures from sandy overnight 168 foot water tanker ran aground on staten island, new york you are not seeing that it had been moored a mile away. captains were advised shippers would be safer at sea than in port. there is a bit of a bright light, some of today's flights
listed as on-time check online with your carrier. >> number five, the city of san francisco planning a big victory parade for the world series champion giants tomorrow. crowds greeted the giants yesterday as the team showed off the trophy from their sweep of the tigers. crews setting up where the market street parade route ends. a million people expected to show up. watch the parade live tomorrow at 11 in the morning right here on abc 7, streamed live abc7news.com and our ipad app. it will start off cloudy, increasing sun, temperatures start near 60 upper 60s by the time it is over. enjoy. the only area that i'm not concerned with fog is live more, you have unlimited visibility now. sunshine inland first mid to upper 70s there around the bay, better part of the afternoon, cloudy at the coast. bay bridge toll metering
lights on traffic jammed there backed to the overcrossings slow on the upper deck into san francisco, couple problem spots stalled southbound 101 castania left lane there blocked, accident on basco road still blocking a land of traffic. that's it for this edition of the abc7 morning news. "good morning america" is next. >> with more sandy coverage.

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